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AWP specialise in the construction and surfacing of tarmac driveways, roads, car parks in Bradford, Leeds, and the North of England.

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Asphalt Supplies

Supplying Quality Asphalt to Commercial & Domestic Customers
Throughout the Yorkshire Region


Barrow men available on request (ask for details)

Why Choose AWP:

  • Last minute orders taken
  • Small loads delivered
  • Insulated vehicles
  • Chuted loads
  • Friendly drivers
  • Great prices
  • Quality materials to BSI accreditation (BS EN13 108)

Materials Available

AC32mm road base tarmacadam in Limestone

AC20mm dense Binder Course Tarmacadam in Limestone

AC6/10/14mm Surface Couse Tarmacadam in Both Limestone and Hardstone

SMA (Stone Mastic Asphalt) 6/10/and 14mm in Both Limestone and Hardstone

Open Graded Limestone Tarmacadam in both 20mm Binder and 10mm Surface

Whether for Small or Large Loads Delivered

For Great Prices on Delivered Asphalt

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